In pursuit of sustainable corporate development, SDG Group actively promotes the SDG concept. In March 2022, MEAN WELL Group's headquarters initiated a Greenhouse Gas Inventory (ISO 14064-1), which was third-party verified by SGS (link). In September 2022, the group calculated the product carbon footprint (ISO 14067) for the RSP-1000-48 product, from cradle to gate, also verified by SGS (link). The group has subsequently guided each subsidiary to complete greenhouse gas inventories and product carbon footprint calculations.

Regarding the global concern for climate change, partner inquiries about carbon issues have increased. MEAN WELL aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5% annually, achieve a 50% reduction by 2030, and reach carbon neutrality by 2050. With the Carbon Footprint platform, the group voluntarily discloses product carbon footprint information to meet partner demands and hopes to raise awareness among corporate partners about climate change issues, reduce resource waste and environmental damage, and encourage participation in sustainable environmental practices. The 2024 SDG Carbon Reduction Action Plan includes :

  • Promoting low-carbon materials and developing green, efficient products
  • Advocating for CKD logistics centers and encouraging low-carbon commuting for employees
  • Enhancing the value of each unit of electricity, such as integrating MEAN WELL products, applying high-voltage direct current lighting control systems and burner recovery systems, etc.
  • Promoting carbon issue training and communication to facilitate mutual benefits among partners

    Carbon Footprint Declaration Inquiry

    This platform independently declares the carbon footprint information of MEAN WELL power products by series, disclosing the carbon footprint from cradle to gate (Business to Business). Life cycle stages include raw material manufacturing, raw material transportation, and power supply manufacturing, with calculations following the ISO 14067:2018 standard. The declaration, including the boundary, life cycle stages, and calculation methodology, has been verified by third-party SGS. The calculation details for each stage are as follows :

  • In the raw material manufacturing stage, calculations are based on the Bill of Materials (BOM) for raw materials using the formula: Σ(Material Weight × Raw Material Carbon Emission Factor).
  • In the raw material transportation stage, calculations consider the BOM for raw materials using the formula: Σ(Material Weight × Distance × Transport Vehicle Carbon Emission Factor).
  • In the power supply manufacturing stage, calculations are based on the carbon emissions of the manufacturing site (including collaborative factories) and the total production weight.
  • Data and Carbon Emission Factors are sourced from life cycle assessment software SimaPro v9.4.0.2, IPCC 2021 Sixth Assessment Report, China Products Carbon Footprint Factors Database, and Taiwan Carbon Footprint Information Platform, among others.
  • If you have any questions regarding the platform or declaration, please get in touch with your sales representative. We will provide further clarification.

    SDG Group Carbon Neutrality Team