SDG Group

SDG Group

The prospect of Sustainable Development Group (SDG) was initiated by Jerry Lin, MEAN WELL’s founder. He selected nine goals from United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and integrated the SDG spirits into the corporate sustainable development.

Sustainable Development Group is composed of four parts:
MEAN WELL Group, the solid foundation with 4 decades of history
PowerNex, the equity investment company based in Taiwan
SHARE WELL, the group creates synergies through cooperation with power-related industries in China
MEAN WELL Foundation, the non-profit organization conserves the core value of “good intentions”


Established in 1982, MEAN WELL has been working as a "reliable partner" with customers, suppliers, contractors, and employees to build long-lasting mutual trust relationships based on the spirit of "good intentions." MEAN WELL has six branches in Taiwan, Guangzhou, Suzhou, the United States, Europe and India with 2800 employees and 4 factories in Taiwan, Guangzhou, Suzhou and India.
According to a report by Micro Technology Consultant in March 2021, MEAN WELL ranked No. 4 in the global power supply (DC output) manufacturers. Most of the top 3 power supply manufacturers rely on ODM/OEM as their main source of revenue. 99% of MEAN WELL's revenue comes from the standard power supply, which is the power supply manufacturer with its brand-MEAN WELL, as its primary business strategy.


PowerNex was founded in 1997, named after the words "Power" and "Nexus". The original intention was to follow the example of MiTAC for manufacturing and SYNNEX for distribution, which was also PowerNex's business strategy, and holds "sincerity, quality, speed, service" as the corporate culture.
The market position of PowerNex was to distribute multiple power supply products and sell to customers all over the world. In the SDG plan, PowerNex reposition as an equity investment company aiming to integrate the upper, middle and lower stream of global power supply and electronic components industries and plan to develop into an international industrial investment company!


To share the business performance with Guangzhou employees, in 2018, MEAN WELL established Guangzhou SHARE WELL CORP., in 2020, established Suzhou SHARE WELL Technology Co., Ltd., in 2021, restructuring as SHARE WELL GROUP with headquarters in Xiangcheng District Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province.
SHARE WELL took "share the resources, share the bright future" as enterprise policy, focusing on investment cooperation of power supply related industries. The development projects include Manufacturing, Renewable energy (incubation center), Automation, Building automation, Electric fitting, Magnetic part, logistic, Certification, Stamping and Electric wire.

MEAN WELL Foundation

Affected by the financial crisis in 2008~2009, MEAN WELL’s revenues had declined for the first time. This year MEAN WELL Public Welfare Committee was founded, believing in "Take from society and Give back to society", encouraging employees to join the charity services.
In 2011, MEAN WEL initiated the "I love Tamsui River " environmental preservation event to build relationships with communities and build team spirit by calling partners to join the event.
In June 2019, MEAN WELL officially established Public Welfare Foundation, then set the starting house (the current location of Banqiao Venture House) as the Community Care Base, providing a warm strength and a sense of belonging to the children, elderly, disadvantaged women and disabled.
Since then, MEAN WELL building a solid and profound relationship with global partners and communities in the long-term partnership, continually spreading love and gratitude.