SDG Partners

         2021 is the launch year of the SDG Group (Sustainable Development Group)!

        In the continuous growth of the MEAN WELL Group, we take MEAN WELL Group as a solid foundation for development, followed by PowerNex Group established in Taiwan, thinking globally, planning and developing as an international industrial investment company. Meanwhile, the SHARE WELL Group focuses on the profound cultivation of Mainland China as a backup force for manufacturing and production. The MEAN WELL foundation will ultimately link the future development of sub-groups, continue to give full play to the power of stability to form the SDG Group system.

       SDG's core concept is "reliable partners for sustainable development". Through cooperation with partners, together with shared prosperity, on the one hand, constantly expand ESG enterprises, increase industrial influence. On the other hand, continue to promote the United Nations SDGs and ESG concepts, playing a role to create a better environment for the next generation.

       In addition to SDG Group employees and volunteers being eligible for SDG partner status, starting in 2021, we will hold two SDG planning and development presentations every year to communicate SDG's concept and related specific practices and latest plans to partners in Taiwan or aboard. The presentation event will adopt an invitation-only system. Corporate partners who are recommended by SDG Group insiders will be entitled to temporary SDG potential partner status to participate.

       However, if a person does not participate in SDG-related activities or access to this SDG park website within one year, the SDG potential partner relationship will be automatically terminated as well as the right to participate in related activities or access to this website. In the future, any information or announcements relating to SDG will be made public on this website for a “financially transparent and open information" approach to keeping our partners informed with the latest development regarding SDG.

       If you have any suggestions regarding SDG Park, please contact our Investment Cooperation Department Manager Lu (22996100-129 /

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