The worldview of brotherhood

Priest Zhan came to Taiwan in 1966 and devoted his entire life to preaching and taking care of disadvantaged people for 55 years. I admire his dedicated spirit! Priest Zhan was touched by other priests' vocation of service and influenced more people with his actions, from a Chinese rookie to speaking Chinese with no foreign accent, from setting up public health and philosophy courses in Fu Jen University to building St. Joseph's Province Infirmary! Priest Zhan's missionary spirit, which focuses on the vision and goal of building a positive, united people environment, is a rule model for employment in enterprise and society.

Priest Zhan’s story has the following inspirations:

  1. According to Central Epidemic Command Center’s statistics till 29th October, there are 16,399 positive COVID-19 cases in Taiwan with 1,756 imported cases, 14,589 local cases, 36 Dunmu Fleet cases and 2 cabin cases. Since 2020 accumulated 847 deaths with 835 local cases, and the death rate is 5.16%. (Slightly decreased compared to last week)

    • Politic impact: As the population of populism, statism, nationalism and the two Great power, the USA and China, ceaselessly conflicts, we need to prevent the Thucydides's Trap. (An apparent tendency towards war when an emerging power threatens to displace an existing great power as a regional or international hegemon)

    • MEAN WELL values interpersonal relations and partnerships. We are closely concerned with our industry partners, distributors and suppliers and avoid taking personal interest as the priority.(MEAN WELL Announcement of 3% Stimulation Plan

    • Economic impact: MEAN WELL check monitoring indicator weekly and develop strategy, once the indicator decline we take action and prepare in advance for the problems.
      MEAN WELL Prevention and Recovery Site

    • Enterprise impact: MEAN WELL had faced a shortage of materials which influenced the order booking and shipment. Only if the economic environment changes need we stabilize the supply chain. MEAN WELL getting through tough epidemic times with partners.

  2. MEAN WELL take partners as a brotherhood with the people-oriented mindset

    • Missionary vs Aboriginal Pope Francis knee to South Sudan’s president and the Opposition leader to mediate South Sudan’s civil war and pray for peace.

    • Photo credit: Reuters
    • Priest Zhan built St. Joseph's Province Infirmary spirits is not like monk picking the bricks but like master building the temple. The master builds the temple to influence the world by following the vision and the goal. The monk picks the bricks to finish the work by obeying the master's command. Instead of finishing the job, it is significant for managers to deliver the work purpose and spirit.

    • MEAN WELL office announcement for COVID-19 "Have good intentions, care our partners, provide the power of stability and assist industry to recover". As MEAN WELL and partners share a common interest, we put partnership first, and prudent choose our partners.
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    • SDG Group will exert the power of the company to promote Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to cultivate more than 100 ESG companies by 2030 to create a better environment for our next generation.

    • MEAN WELL foundation needs to put the power of balance to good use. The purpose is "having gratitude, taking love into actions, treasuring people around you and caring the native land". (MEAN WELL foundation

    • Fraternity:Instead of going back to his country, Priest Zhan chose to stay in Taiwan for more than five decades and even donate his senior citizen allowance. This spirit of human fraternity is worthy of emulation.

  3. Conclusion

    • Passing the torch to successor the brand spirit of good intentions and the core value and sincerity and integrity

    • Advancing with the times and adjusting strategy, product and service

    • Fairly treating employees and external partners

    • MEAN WELL foundation exerting the power of balance

    • Delivering missionary spirits to SDG Group, which is focusing the vision and the goal

SDG Group founder / Jerry Lin