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Message from Founder

SDG Group Heading to The Future

On the 2020 December 12th, the book launch event of the《The Power of Reliable Partners》, I came up with the idea of establishing the SDG Group, which combines with the Sustainable Development Goals and aims to cultivate more than 100 ESG companies by 2030. Meanwhile, I named 2021 as the SDGs Debut year and 2022 SDG as the Takeoff year! Despite the epidemic situation continuing to be severe and the international political economy instability, however, this wish begins to sprout and grow with the support of employees and partners. Each branch developed its way, and I felt steadfast!!

I always describe the SDG Group as a takeoff plane, and I’m the driver-guide. The mission is to guide the management team to lead and direct them in the right direction. As the plane is at 36000 feet and activates the auto pilot mode is the moment SDG Group is heading to the future!

Fig 1. SDG Group Management Team(Front Row Left to Right) Patrick Wang (Chief Sustainability Officer), Kevin Chen (Chief Operating Officer), Ted Cheng (Overseas Market Chief Executive Officer), Jerry Lin (SDG Group Founder), Alex Tsai (Greater China Chief Executive Officer), Aries Jian (Chief Research & Developmemt Officer) (Second Row Left to Right) Chenhan Yu (Financial Manager), Eric Lu (Chief Technology Officer), Yvonne Chen (Brand Manager), Eris Wu(Chief Technical Service Officer), Damien Lu (Investment Manager)

In 2020 the epidemic began to spread, and the countries started to lock down; affected by this situation, the international business events were suspended, and I began to think about whether to return to school? Recommended by CTO David Wang(Retired), I enrolled on the EMBA at Fu Jen Catholic University. MEAN WELL established the SDG College in march 2022, with Fu Jen professors' support, to learn with managers together! This project is reflected in the value net trend, matching SDG Group's spirits: Reliable Partners for Sustainable Development.

Fig 2. SDG College established in march 2022 at MEAN WELL HQ

Fig 3. The Formation of Value Network

Starting from 2022 second half-year, we follow policies and declarations and create the SDG Group operation plan!!

    SDG Group Operation Policy: Diversify investment, Focus the domestic demand, Adjust the business model and Promote the brand.

    SDG Group Epidemic Prevention Declaration: Have good intentions, care our partners, provide the power of stability and assist industry to recover.

    1. Keep the focus on the lockdown, shortage of orders, chips, labours, electricity and maritime logistics. Implement a stable balance between production and sales(LINK)(LINK)

    2. Keep implementing recovery measures “Load Shifting and Stabilizing Grow & Half year 0.8~1.2 times order control management”(LINK)

    3. Optimize the customer services, promote the “KAM/CKA Program” and “Lead-time Guarantee Program”

    4. Follow glocalization strategy and establish MWSG & MW India to increase production capacity

    5. Promote 3+N System solutions, renewable energy, energy-saving and energy conservation applications(LINK)

    6. Kickoff SHAREWELL ten major investment projects(LINK)

    7. Grand Opening of Suzhou Intelligent Campus in 2022 November 10th

    8. PowerNex prepare for the establishment of PowerNex Power Mechanical Parts and PowerNex Information & Consulting Management

    9. MEAN WELL distributors are authorized distributors of PowerNex and SHAREWELL. Distributors are welcome to apply for ESG companies if they agree with the SDG concept.

    10. Implement IPO process: Initial Public Offering→Listed company

    Fig 4. SDG Group Project map

This year I added keeping pace with the times and the ESG spirit into the mission and vision of MEAN WELL. Despite the international political and economic instability, I expect all employees and partners could keep learning and improving. We could achieve sustainable development goals by advancing with the times of innovation and optimization!

In the classic science fiction action film 【Independence Day】 , the US leader said in the speech that the global partners must unite for the common interest, and avoid causing death to one another, and I feel the same way about this! Finally, I expect that partners could give more support to the succession team and create a better environment for our next generation. I wish you continue to enjoy the balance between work and life, good health and peace to all in your family!


SDG Group Founder Jerry Lin